Promoting a new personal trainer

///Identity, Print, Advertising & WebStanding out in a crowded space.

A personal fitness trainer who took the decision to set up on their own asked for some help and advice on how best to promote themselves and attract new clients. The challenge was that they weren't just going into a highly competitive industry, the actual location of their new fitness studio and nearby gym was saturated with competitors in a densely populated area on the outskirts of Manchester in the U.K.

When it came to a name it seemed like everything we researched had already been taken and it was important to be unique, and what's more unique than your own name, so we decided to focus on that as a starting point. After many sketches we created the brand mark and visual identity that you see here (which we then developed into a range of printed collateral such as business cards, stationery and other promotional items). After much deliberation when we really drilled down to the core of what this is and what was on offer, we came up with the proposition of 'motivation for sale' since we felt this best described what clients would be paying for (albeit backed up by an industry professional who knows how to achieve results).
business card design for a personal trainer
tee shirt design for a personal trainer
gift voucher design for a personal trainer
coming soon web design page
We set up a promotional domain name of that initially led to a coming soon page prior to launch, which we then used across a broad range of media to get the word out (and gather a database of people interested in the service). Strong imagery and bold headlines were used across different forms of advertising and marketing material to promote the new service, including t-shirts worn by clients using the gym and those taking part in the outdoor bootcamps at the weekend. The results of our efforts paid off, our message stood out everywhere it was seen and garnered a lot of interest. More importantly it brought in a lot of valuable enquiries and new clients at a time when they were needed the most.
fitness advert
gym advert
personal trainer advert
I think 0-60 are really perceptive in what they do, they completely got what I was looking for very quickly over the course of a brief conversation and their design work exceeded my expectations. Easy to work with, really approachable and help's always on hand whenever it's needed. I still get regular enquiries and pick up new clients from the work that was done at the very beginning which is definitely money well spent.

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