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Nikolas Grace and Aloni Grove are two luxury property developments located on the island of Crete in the Mediterranean. The newly completed properties were being marketed for sale by international sales agents and our client needed a single resource point to support those sales. We were asked to create two new websites to showcase each property development that would reflect the high value proposition of these exclusive homes, whilst highlighting the stunning attractions on the island.

In the early stages of the design process we wanted to replicate the impact of what it would be like to actually see these properties for the first time, if that was even possible through a screen. By stripping away as many visual elements as we could from 'above the fold' we were able to remove any distracting content, and make our imagery the sole focus once you arrived on the page. This created a much more impactful and immersing experience for the visitor that got the desired 'Wow' response we were looking for.

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The presentation had to live up to high standards of the developments, as well as the high expectations of potential buyers. The sole purpose of each website is to provide further information to potential buyers, who are referred to them by the sales agents they're dealing with in their country. Imagery took centre stage with a comprehensive gallery to display the interior and exterior of the properties, whilst detailed architect plans drilled down on the finer details and build specifications. A mini guide to the Island also illustrates the lifestyle aspect that a new purchaser could look forward to and enjoy.

Each website is effectively a luxury brochure that can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or desktop device, at any time or place. They act as powerful sales aid that can be reached quickly and easily, supporting the efforts of sales agents across Europe. They also work very well as stand alone adverts and help to generate new leads and enquiries for the developer.
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We were really impressed with the initial proposal and design mockups that were first presented to us. The work that is produced is always of a very high standard and we can always rely on 0-60 to provide great work (often at very short notice). We have continued to work together on a number of other projects and we value what they do because it presents us in a way that compliments our style of business.

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