Mystique Spa

///Design, Print & Social MediaNew venture, new beginnings.

When a good friend of ours said they were setting up their own business and needed some help, we were only too happy to assist. Aneta is one of the hardest working people we know, having studied for many years to learn her craft in the field of health and beauty, whilst working several different jobs at the same time to realise her dream. Despite all this, Aneta still managed to qualify with the best grades possible, so we salute you.

After working for some of the finest 5-star resorts in the region honing her skills, Aneta took the bold step of leasing the Spa section of a nearby hotel when the opportunity arose, in order to branch out and start her own business. English isn't her first language so we had our work cut out with the material that was given to us, but we understood her vision and what she stood for. At the beginning we were asked to create some basic promotional material that you'd expect to use in any business, such as printed brochures, business cards and other forms of advertising...
brochure design for health and beauty salon spa
easter advert design
advert design for loyalty rewards
logo design for a health club and spa
Once we had a name, we were able to create a visual identity (albeit quite basic by our own admission, but it served it's purpose well, met the budget we were working to, and really captured the essence of what Aneta was trying to get across). Oh, and the colours we used had to be green! Inspired by the lush green stalks of bamboo.

We designed a brochure that included all of the treatments on offer, which we then had printed on a 250gsm stock with a satin finish to give it a really quality feel. We also provided the design and print of business cards as well as some additional mailshots that were sent to potential clients. Each month, Aneta would tell us what she wanted to promote (like a loyalty scheme or simply to wish people a happy Easter, and we would create the adverts).

Working to a very tight budget, we needed to identify the most cost effective areas to spend money on that would generate the biggest bang for our buck. We set up a dedicated page on facebook which we styled and branded along with a number of visual sound bites and adverts to use in new posts.

Our efforts helped the posts to stand out more and grab attention which in turn increased user engagement, encouraging people to share the content. As it turned out, Aneta became alergic to facebook and our advice is to always try out and test as much as you can on a small scale, if it works then rinse and repeat. All was far from lost, the intitial activity on facebook worked a treat and the content we created was then adapted for further print advertising. We've also developed concept ideas for the packaging of a small range of test products.
facebook business page design layout
beautician leaflet design
Working with 0-60 has been very good for my business. I did not expect many of the things that they have done and I am so happy with their work, they do amazing job!

Aneta Klimek
Small Business Owner